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Scratchtickets Questions

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Scratch Ticket
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Scratch Ticket is a fun casino game based on familiar lottery tickets. Lottery games have been around for much of human history, dating back to the time of the Caesars in Europe and the Hun Dynasty in China. The term "lottery" is believed to come from the Italian lotto, meaning destiny or fate.

Scratch TicketScratch Ticket
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Scratch Card
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Scratch the card to reveal the symbols. You can win up to fifty times the amount bet.

Scratch CardScratch Card
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    The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Scratch Tickets

    You can play this game online or at a casino. There are many websites, which provide this game online. The best part about scratch tickets is that it is a very good pastime and is very popular in Europe and in the USA. Scratch tickets is more of a lottery than a casino game, but many people like to take chance, so they try their luck.

    How to play scratch ticket?
    You should learn how to play this game and read the rules before you start the game. The player buys a scratch ticket and places a bet, which could range from $1 to $100,000. The player then presses the PLAY button to start the game. A screen of 16 square tickets opens in front of the player and now the player scratches it by rolling the coin over the ticket. The squares contain numbers. The numbers are 1,2,5,10,100 or 1000. The player wins the bet if the same number appears four times or more. The bet is paid by the number of times the same number appears multiplied by the bet amount.

    The most frequently asked questions about scratch tickets are, can this game be played online or in casinos only, are there any websites which provide this game online, does the game purely depend upon luck, is there any strategy for the game, is there any casino where this game can be played, is scratch tickets a gambling game or is it just played for fun.

    The game is very simple, and the rules are briefed before the start of the game. The prize money is also different, so learn it. It is a fun game and is very exciting.